One Final Thank You in The 2023 Election

“Last night I had the opportunity to watch the results of the election come in as I waited at City Hall. I was joined by supporters and other candidates and we all watched in anticipation. I congratulated Michael Concannon on his preliminary win and wished both him and Mayor Scott Galvin luck in November’s election.

While the result of the election was not what we worked for, I had the opportunity to meet THOUSANDS of citizens and learn more in the last 8 months than most of my life.
This campaign has brought a real life movement to Woburn.

We had the opportunity to see one of the largest turnouts for a Woburn preliminary election in years. Knowing that I was a catalyst in that movement is a win to me.

The amount of support, friendships, and relationships I was able to build these last few months reminds me of why I have pride and gratitude for this community.

This campaign was not about just me. It was about bringing the voices of all Woburn’s people to City Hall. It was about making sure the people in this community felt heard. And we were able to show that last night. It does not end here. We will continue to ensure the people are heard, our electeds are held accountable, and transparency is pushed. We have seen the ability and the power in numbers and I urge you to continue to stay involved, as will I.

I am grateful for every single supporter these last few months. We built a vote with minimal resources and I am so thankful for your part in that. For the teenagers who canvassed with me, to the adults who donated, to the Northeastern students out of state getting involved, thank you. To the Nett family who hosted our Election Day activities, thank you. This campaign would not have been possible without all the volunteers, supporters, friends, and family who were apart of it.

I am incredibly proud to have been your candidate and to represent you all during this election. Thank you.” 

                                                                                                                                                                                                        -Omar Mohuddin

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